Over the years, Dansko shoes have become the essential shoe within many households throughout the nation. Women's Dansko shoes are loved for their comfort by individuals who spend most of their time on their feet including: Nurses, doctors, medical assistants, educators and waitresses.

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Dansko footwear provides all day comfort for women and men with a shoe selection of clogs, sandals, boots, sneakers, flat and even heels! The makers of Dansko shoes are all about comfort, support and ensuring that if you have a job where you are on your feet for 2, 8 or even a long 12 hours a day, your shoes have the proper capability to keep your feet going strong all day long.

Dansko shoes are unable to decrease your work day, but they are able to reduce strain on your feet that could be caused from your profession. Each shoe style includes a spacious toe box to increase circulation to the foot, a stress reducing rocker bottom, and advanced arch support to reduce any strain that could be put on your legs, back and feet. Dansko not only enjoys making comfort and proper posture a priority in the design of their shoes, but they do it fashionably! Dansko enjoys translating today’s latest fashion trends into each different model of their shoes.

The reasons are very apparent as to why Dansko shoes have become the leading choice of shoes for doctors, nurses, teachers, chefs, and other professionals who stand for hours at a time. People who work hard also want to have the ability to play hard for the rest of their life.

With Dansko shoes, you’ll get beautiful leather uppers, spacious and reinforced toes, anti skid treads, rocker bottoms that are able to propel you forward and padded insteps for a reinforced but relaxing fit. The professionals at Dansko want these shoes to be practical, usable and comfortable – even when you purchase a pair of fashion Dansko shoes such as Capri or Louvre.

We hand pick the best Dansko shoe options for our customers. You’ll see everything from traditional open back Dansko clogs to the classic Dansko Professional with protective heel cap. We’ve also brought in adorable sandals and casual shoes with fun prints and great fashion uppers so you can enjoy Dansko every day!

There are some certain aspects that you may want to keep in mind while you are shopping for Dansko shoes:

The Dansko line of nursing shoes are strictly measured in European sizes. For most Americans, who are used to sizes like 6,7, or an 8 1/2, European sizes may seem complex, but honestly the conversions are quite simple. For example, if you are a size 7.5 in U.S. women’s shoes, you are a size 38 in European sized shoes. Our staff members at Vernon Powell will be able to fully assist you in conversions and finding the exact size that you need.

If you are ordering the shoes online, you may want to try to order a few different sizes. Our return policy at Vernon Powell accepts returns of unworn products. At home, you will want to try each pair on and walk around in them for atlas 3-5 minutes to choose which pair is most comfortable. You want to have the most accurate fit possible.

The sole and lining of the shoe is made of polyurethane. This is a durable, rubberized material that is made to withstand the penetration of water and oil. The upper portion of the shoe is quality leather. Some versions of the shoe will have etched leather in beautiful details while other versions will be smooth with a solid color or pattern. All varieties of the shoe are coated in a water resistant coating to be spill resistant and clean easily. The lining is made of leather and synthetic materials.

The arches are designed for individuals with medium to high arches. This includes most people and only really excludes people who have abnormally flat feet. Nurses love the rocker effect in the thick platform of the shoe. This allows each step to be graceful, easy and fluid. Another common remark is the ample room in the toe box. Despite the fact that the shoes are large and sturdy, they are extremely lightweight, allowing for comfortable, light steps all day long.

What you see in Dansko, is a corporation that is very dedicated to constantly producing quality products, including Dansko clogs, Dansko sandals and Dansko shoes, that will offer a comfortable fit and the latest fashion in your professional or personal life. Vernon Powell is proud to showcase a brand like Dansko and to be able to offer all Dansko shoes at a great value for our customers.

From slip-on clogs to nurse shoes, flats to sandals, mary janes and even cute boots - wherever you're going, there is a comfortable Dansko shoe to get you there. Let the ambitious staff at Vernon Powell help you select which size and style of Dansko shoes are perfect for you and your occasion!.

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