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Sperry is the original American brand of boat shoe designed in 1935 by Paul A. Sperry. The design for this iconic shoe sprang from a minor boating accident that happened to Paul A. Sperry. While he was sailing on the Long Island Sound, Sperry had slipped off of the deck of his boat and fell overboard. This experience led Sperry to want to invent a shoe that would decrease the possibilities of slipping while on a boat. While Sperry was experimenting around with possibilities for non-slip shoes, he happened to notice that his dogs ability to run down slippery surfaces without slipping or falling down. Perry then began to study the nature of his dogs paws and how he could recreate the same structure into a shoe. The grooves on the paws of his cocker spaniel, Prince, inspired him to try cutting grooved patterns into a natural rubber sole. The pattern of grooves or cracks on his dog's paws gave him the idea for a canvas upper-shoe with a herringbone pattern of grooves on the sole. Then, the boat shoe was created and has since become an iconic piece of fashion for women and men of all ages and fashion backgrounds.

Here are some ways to keep your Sperrys in tip-top shape all year long:

-Shine the leather with a water-based cream shoe polish on a regular basis to prevent wear and tear of the genuine leather.
-Avoid liquid and quick-drying polishes that can contain either silicone or alcohol, these substances can damage the appearance of the shoe.
-Keep them clear of dirt, dust and salt deposits as much as possible.
-Suede boat shoes can be cleaned by lightly applying and massaging cornmeal onto the surface of the shoe.
-Leave them overnight and then brush off any remains of the cornmeal. Use a brass bristle suede brush to realign the grain.
-You can remove spots using a pencil eraser and a vinegar and water solution. Use the solution directly on the affected areas.
-It is best to hand wash your shoes rather than to throw them in the washing machine where they could become damaged.
-Dry your shoes at room temperature and avoid direct heat or sunlight to prevent them from drying out and developing cracks.
-Store them carefully, and use shoe trees to help retain their shape.
-Keep a close eye on their soles and get them repaired as soon as you see any significant signs of wear and tear.

Enjoy a weekend around the water or enjoy year round comfort in Sperry Top-Sider Shoes from Vernon Powell Shoes. We proudly carry mens, womens, and kids Sperry shoes, clothes and accessories! We look forward to helping you find the perfect size and style for you!

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