Shipping cost is based on location and shipping method chosen. It is calculated at the time of purchase. VP Shoes offers free Fed Ex Ground shipping for any order over $75.

Return Policy

Sales Receipt Required for any return or adjustment.

New Merchandise
Women's fashion apparel -
Unworn and in original condition, returned within 7 days of purchase.
All other merchandise -
Unworn, and in original condition, returned within 30 days of purchase.
- Cash refund for cash purchases.
- Charge credit for charge purchases.
- 10 Business days for checks.

Worn Merchandise
Adjustments may be made if damage or defect caused by manufacturer:
- Adjustment will be either a repair, a merchandise exchange, or a store credit.
- Exchanges or store credits may be subject to wear charges.

Mailed Returns
If out of the area mail returns to:

VP Shoes
Attn: Returns Department
2401 East Naylor Mill Road
Salisbury, MD 21804

Include original packaging and a copy of receipt of purchase.